Reliant Reviews

Here at Reliant, we love hearing customer's views on our products and services. Not only does it benefit us and help improve our product range and customer service, but it also supports other shoppers in making decisions on the products they want to purchase. At Reliant, we know that you don't buy a television, washing machine or fridge freezer every day so deciding on the right product is essential. We know our products speak for themselves, but for that extra peace of mind, we like to provide reviews from other customers, so you can be 100% sure.

Mr Hobbs Said, ''Reliant Direct gave me confidence throughout, especially as I'm not local to the store and completed everything online & by phone. TV & sound bar arrived on time. Thank you'."

At Reliant, we pride ourselves on offering unbeatable customer service and the most competitive prices on the market, with reliable advisors and product specialists who can make recommendations from first click to purchase, online or over the phone. We're here to help.

We like to take the personal approach when it comes to order updates, you will receive correspondence via text or email but we like to go the extra mile and politely give you a call just to check that you were happy with the ordering process.

Mr Roake said, "’The company contacted us after purchase and before delivery in a very friendly and personal manner, which gave us confidence in the process. The delivery was spot on: we were sent messages detailing when our delivery would be made, and contacted twice on the day of delivery by the driver."

Your Opinion Matters

Follow some of our helpful tips below to help you write a great customer review.

Provide, valuable, formative feedback:

Try to explain in your own words what influenced your positive, fair, or negative review, so other customers can understand what happened.

Discuss a range of factors, including customer service:

Talking about your overall experience will give a complete picture of what you think of the business. It’s great to talk about products, delivery options and customer service. This will give other shoppers and Reliant a broad range of points to take away. 

Be clear, precise, and direct:

Sometimes, reviews can be short. If you have the time to write more, the clearer you can be, and if you can specify what inspired you to leave your thoughts, the more valuable your review will be to other readers and Reliant.

Just a couple of things to avoid:

Your review shouldn’t mention private details like surnames, phone numbers or addresses. Also, avoid adding links to your review, and most importantly, keep things polite and pleasant.