Price Match Guarantee

We constantly monitor our prices to ensure you get the best deal and that our prices are amongst the best. However, if you happen to find a lower price, our Price Match Guarantee ensures we will match it if you inform us. A few simple terms and conditions apply.:

  • Products must be brand new, in their original packaging, include a comparable guarantee, and be available for immediate delivery at the time of purchase.
  • The seller offering the lower price must have the item in stock and available for purchase.
  • Price match is only valid for products from major authorised UK resellers' stores and websites and excludes retailers that only accept BACs payments.
  • To qualify, products must be identical in specification, colour, and condition.
  • Please note: Due to limited stock quantities, Price Match is restricted to one per customer/household for each model.
  • This price match guarantee excludes audio equipment, such as soundbars and speakers.
  • Price match is solely applicable to current models. [2024 models].

Call us 0330 057 7143 to inform us if you've found a better price, or talk to us in the live chat box.